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Plane Crash

Top 10 Heartbreaking Photos From Around The World Taken Moments Before Great Disasters Happened

One of the most unfortunate things about life is the fact that nobody knows the time when it will come to and end. Take a look at the following seemingly good photos but what transpired later is what is even more shocking.

1. The tsunami in Japan

When the above photo was taken in Japan, nobody knew that this was going to be the last photo seen of these people. It was just a few moments before a heavy tsunami hit the place and killed many people.

2. The tiger attack

In New Delhi India, a man had accidentally fallen in a zoo. The photo was taken of the last few moments just when the tiger was about to pounce on him. There was nothing the people could do but only watch the painful end of the man's story as the tiger pounced on him killing him within seconds.

3. The Last journey

This one looks like a seemingly happy family photo. It was actually Dave Havy taking a photo of wife and daughter. Had they know that this was going to be their last photo, they wouldn't have boarded the plane. The plane was later shot down by Russian special forces killing everyone on board.

4. Paul Walker's last photo

Most of us knew Paul walker and he was absolutely amazing. The person who took this photo never had an idea that this would be Paul walker's last photo alive. He had a grisly road accident that claimed his life moments after the photo was taken.

5. Xenia's last daring photo

This Russian girl called Xenia had the most daring personalities. This was one of her most daring photo session moments that led to her death. Being on top of one of the tallest Russian buildings, she accidentally slipped and fell. With such kind of height, survival can never be a guarantee. This was the last photo of her.

6. Space shuttle journey to space

If any of these crew members knew that this was going to be a last photo of them, none of them would have embarked on the journey. This were crew members of space shuttle Challenger that broke killing all of them just 5 minutes into the journey.

7. Last stunt photo

To make such a daring stunt, it would take a considerable amount of adrenaline at work. The photo was taken and became the last of him. The building was very tall and the young man slipped and fell.

8. The Omagh bombing

If you've heard of the Omagh bombing, the car on the photo was carrying the bomb that exploded killing more than 20 people. The father and son in the photo had just posed for a photo moments before the explosion. Luckily they survived.

9. The excruciating pain of a Stingray

Ever experienced the pain of a Stingray while swimming in am ocean or pool, the woman was experiencing the real pain of it on this photo, it's allover his face. For her she was lucky to survive because people were close to help. The pain and agony on her face was excruciating.

10. Pavel Kashin last photo

Pavel kashin used to be a popular Russian free runner. This photo became the last of him doing a backflip on top of a high storey building. He lost stability and balance and fell from the building and died.

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