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"Akili Ni Nywele"- See Art At Its Finest That Are Worth More Than A 'Million Dollar'

Technology has changed the way people thing and the overall work of the artist especially he field of photography. Artist have generated unique art work that has left many mesmerized and wondering how some of the works have been done so efficiently.

One of the wonders of the world is the artistic work where a fish seems to be crushing the corner of a house and emanating from the other side of the corners.

Another significant Artistic work is that of a caring hand developed to ensure there is protection of the environment. It provides one with the idea that people need to protect the environment especially the trees.

There other significant portraits such as the colossal titan. A gigantic figure curved from stones bending towards the forest providing a epic view to the tourist. Another is the portrait of Nelson Mandera and the statute of liberty. Other include the recent ram made from generator plugs and the sculpture showing the world war I and II.

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Akili Ni Nywele Nelson Mandera


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