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Only African Town Where Men And Women Speak Different Languages

This town in southern Nigeria takes great pride in its exceptional tradition and uniqueness. It is viewed by them as a "gift from God.

The Ubang village is situated in the state's Obudu Local Government Area between two mountains.

According to a BBC article, the speaking style is rather atypical and has no set guidelines. The words' specific meanings and the clarity of their style and design are unclear. In its own right, the dialect is distinctive and fascinating.

Tradition dictates that until the age of 10, males in the village speak their mother tongue. After the specified age, kids continue to speak in their mother's vocabulary while learning the language of the male from their father. No one ever urges a youngster to alter his dialect, but if he doesn't pick up the language of men by the time he reaches a certain age, Chief Ubang told the BBC, it makes him "odd."

The community members also use several titles for their main diet in the current situation. For instance, men refer to the basic dish as "iyong," whereas women refer to it as "irui." Similar to this, a wide variety of everyday objects like clothing, water, air, fire, etc. have various names.

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