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Jealous Kwale Husband Follows And Assults His Wife As She Is Going For call Of Nature.

The alleged violence that happened between this couple whose residence is Bang'a village in Matunga constituency.

Mulunga Mbui the victim who is 24 years old said that her spouce Mwachenda Kityetye has develiped the habit of nagging her with claims that she was cheating on him with myltiple men.

Mbui denies the claims and adds that she has vever eveb thought of cheating on her husband.

The mother of six claimes that on the day her husband assulted her her husband asked her who she spent time with during the day and she responded by saying that she was home with the kids and Kityetye landed blows on her.

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"My husband is too insecure to the point that he usually follows me to a nearby thicket when I am going to answer a call of nature. When he fails to follow me, he would tell me: ‘take me to the exact location where you answered a long call of nature; I need to confirm if indeed you had gone to poop, and not cheat’,” said Mbui.

Fromthe blows Mbui sustained injuries that she was taken to Kwale County Referral Hospital till the day she was discharged.

Policein Kwale are searching for the 33 year old accused of brutally assting his wife over aims of her cheating on him.

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