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A landlord detains a tenant and her ailing daughter over rent arrears

A landlord from has shocked many after he sought to take matters into his own hands by locking a mother and her ailing daughter in their house over rent arrears of three months.

The tenant, named Brigit was preparing lunch when the landlord visited. He was demanding his rent arrears which amounts to Ksh20,000. They argued for a while, and since she couldn't raise the money, the landlord then decided to lock up both the mother and daughter without thinking twice, and left.

Neighbors intervened and sought help from a village elder, who immediately came to their rescue. The elder broke the padlock and let them out. Bridgit had earlier pleaded with the landlord to allow her pay the arrears in instalments of two thousand weekly. That's the much she could afford since her earnings through menial jobs went straight to her daughter's medication. The daughter has been battling sickle cell and a sore in the leg.

Bridgit honoured her part of the deal as she had already started paying the instalments, but the landlord wasn't patient enough. Each time she made a payment, the landlord would issue her with an ultimatum of either paying the full amount or vacating the premises. She further noted that the Covid-19 pandemic period has also crippled her financial situation. One of her neighbors has urged landlords to consider such cases owing to the difficult times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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