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Shocking Revelation of Mothers Having Sexual Relations With Their Own Biological Sons in Lamu


Elders in Hindi Division in Lamu County are a worried lot following a shocking trend by some mothers in the area who are actively involving themselves in sexual relationships with their own biological sons.

Hindi Division has been hitting the headlines especially on cases of incest, particularly those involving small girls being defiled by their own biological fathers with some even getting pregnant.

Elders in the area have however unearthed the shocking revelation of mothers engaging in sexual intercourses with their own sons and attributed the situation with too much consumption of alcohol and bhang smoking among the involved parties and the community at large.

The elders led by George Karanja and Stanley Njenga noted that domestic violence was also a major cause to the many evils befalling most families in Hindi villages.

The senior citizens are now calling on religious leaders to conduct rituals and cleansing rights amidst the rising cases of sexual relations between parents and their children in the area.

Mr Karanja said it is awkward for mothers to reach a point of luring their own sons into having consensual sex with them.

He said apart from incest being against the African Traditional setting, even the Bible itself is against anything to do with the act, including mothers having sexual relations with their sons.

“It’s high time we turn to the Lord and repent. In Leviticus, the Bible clearly tells us that we must never have sexual relations with close relatives. We’re also told not to violate our fathers by having sexual relations with our mothers or any of our fathers’ wives. How come that in Hindi, mothers are luring their own sons into having consensual sex with them? As elders, we’re worried that bad omen might befall our community due to the rising evils between parents and their own children. We need urgent prayers and repentance,” said Mr Karanja.

Mr Njenga on his part said he is aware of several women in Hindi who treat their own sons like they are their husbands.

“They do everything for them including having sex with them plus they are so blatant about it. We don’t know what to do,” said Mr Njenga.

Ms Judith Kamau, a resident in Hindi expressed shock that such evils are happening in their own villages.

Ms Kamau said the parents in question could have either been bewitched or are under some form of curse that leads them into engaging in such bizarre acts with their children.

“We’re used to the fact that fathers here in Hindi engage in sexual relations with their daughters. The issue of mothers willingly engaging in sex with their own sons is even worse. We need urgent help here. I support the idea that religious leaders come here and cleanse this place and even conduct rituals. We want our old Hindi back not this current one that’s riddled with all manner of evil. The current Hindi is like Sodom and Gomorrah,” said Ms Kamau.


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