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Tricks That People Are Using To Fool GSU Officers On Roadblocks To Access Zoned Area

Kenyans are always known for their cunning nature. After the roadblocks were erected to demacate covid 19 hotspot region. Kenyans who rely of these regions for work and other services and who were locked out of these region have been using tricks to cross the boundaries with a pass given by the officers who guard the roadblocks.

With a lot of activities happening in the roadblocks, officers have no time to check on people walking past the roadblock. Majority of those who come from far places use public service means then alight close to the road block and walk. After crossing the roadblocks there are vehicles ferrying people to different destinations like Nairobi.

Faking illness, some individuals have been faking illness prompting the officers to give drivers a go ahead to them go seek medical attention. This has become a common way to pass the roadblock as Officers are human enough to understand a sickness situation.

Use of government vehicles. Government owned vehicles and especially those meant for parastatals do not have limitations. They receive a go ahead without deep check. People onboard enjoy the freedom and many are taking advantage.

Use of bribe, some officers are corrupt a d are accepting cash to allow motorists go on.

Faking documents. Officers so not have a document verifier hence people are faking documents then like to be essential service providers. This way they automatically pass without much questioning.

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