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Why Suspected Kenyan Serial Killer Is Likely To Be Put To Death By Lethal Injection In Texas USA

Billy Chemirmir PHOTO/ COURTESY

Suspected serial killer identified as Billy Chemirmir faces the possibility of a death penalty in the United States if convicted of killing more than 20 elderly woman.

Billy was born in Kenya but relocated to the states through the help of his sister. He worked at care homes for the aged where it's believed he killed more than twenty two grandmothers.

While in Kenya, Billy was raised at Kabunyony in Eldama Ravine where villagers describe him as a quiet person who would never engage in any confrontation whatsoever.

village where he was born PHOTO/ COURTESY

Friends described him as reserved but noted his love for the bottle was well documented. Once he travelled abroad, he settled down with an American lady thus he was naturalised as a United States citizen.

Billy who is currently incarcerated at the Dallas County jail is believed to have orchestrated his evil acts while working at these care homes one of which was identified as Prestonwood.

Families of the victims have threatened to sue this home on basis of negligence and exposing their loved ones to a serial killer.

Inmate being executed PHOTO/ COURTESY

Texas based police believe Billy thoroughly planned for his actions often posing as a maintenance worker in order to gain access to homes for the elderly. Here he used a pillow to suffocate them before stealing their valuables and taking off.

If convicted, Bill is in big trouble due to Texas laws. If found guilty he will be put to death by lethal injection which is the official method used to execute convicted murderers.

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