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Netizens Angered By Kiambu Residents For Beating Up A Middle-Aged Woman For What She Did (Photos)

It is very sad that some people go to an extent of taking the law into their own hands to punish someone for doing something wrong. A woman was beaten up in Kiambu County for stealing arrow roots to cook for her kids.

This was posted by Mkenya News on Facebook. On their post they wrote, "A middle aged women was last night beaten up by mob after she was allegedly caught stealing Nduma (arrow roots) at kagongo in Tinganga Kiambu. In her defence, the lady said she desperately wanted to feed her kids"

Kenyans were angered by this. Here are some of the comments:

Lizzie: People are going through hard times. Just see how the woman is desperately looking. Covid 19 has affected people. Some have been neglected by the family. I wish the residents of the area could have interrogated the woman before beating her up. I wish leaders of the area could reach her and save her family. Ooh God we are too quick to cause someone suffer, forgive us Lord. May you intervene.

Fridah: It was not right for her to steal but beating her was not the solution either, they could have followed up if she was telling the truth and give her a helping hand but warn her never to steal again! Or is she a well known thief? We might be condemning those who beat her yet she has been doing it severally!!

Patrick: If she has never done so before then her claims should be taken seriously. She needs help. 

Jane: I do not advocate beating up someone for whatever reason but I also know some steal from other peoples garden in order to sell the produce. However a mother can do the unthinkable for the sake of her children and if so she needs to be helped not to be beaten.

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