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Tears As Headteacher From Nyeri Commits Suicide Due To Depression Caused By Tough Times

Tears As Head teacher From Nyeri Commits Suicide Allegedly Due To Depression Of Tough Times.

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Life has been so far of late and with tough economic times comes lots of sacrifices that most people have been unable to provide for their families. It's very unfortunate that families are breaking, people are having to reduce the number of meals they take per day and at the same time, there are those who aren't taking it lightly.

Provision of food and basic necessities is becoming a hard thing to do especially among people with huge families and with less jobs, most of them are turning into crimes and ik in the worst case scenario killing themselves due to stress and and depressions.

Aa head teacher from Nyeri has been found dead in one of his school's classroom in what the residents said could have been due to stress. It is not known why or what pushed him towards that direction but most of the residents claim that he might have been pushed to this due to the tough times and sudden changed and turn his life took.

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