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NTV Female Journalist Attacked for Not Wearing a Mask While With Top Government Officials

NTV journalist Vera Okeyo suffered the wrath of Kenyans on social media after she was spotted on live television during a press briefing on Covid-19 without a mask.

Kenyans took it to social media to attack Okeyo for not following government’s directive of wearing a mask while in public.

Blogger Robert Alai said NTV are always quick to attack Kenyans for not wearing masks yet their journalist was caught without a mask.

“Vera Okeyo from Daily Nation doesn’t have a mask. And she together with senior government officials are ok with but the same government officials would want to arrest poor Kenyans for not wearing a mask. Daily Nation, always attack those not wearing masks but see their journalist,” said Alai.

Kenyans on social media called for her and NTV to apologize over the incident adding that Kenyans are being harassed by the police for not having a mask yet she was with government officials and she had no mask.

Okeyo however apologized to Kenyans on live TV over the incident that angered many users online.

“Shame on Vera Okeyo of Daily Nation for not wearing a mask on a live presser on Covid-19 full of Government officials who gave the said directives. And all she could do was apologize on live TV yet other Kenyans are out there are being harassed for not wearing one. Shame!,” said Jsaggz.

“She could get to wear sun glasses on a cloudy day, but not a mask to a Covid-19 press conference. SMH,” said Sid Ochieng.

“And all she could say is that she's sorry and that she takes the directive seriously. She's set a bad example. She made it worse by going ahead to ask a question,” said Reuben Omollo.

The government last week announced that anyone who will be found without a mask will pay a fine of Sh20,000 or risk being jailed for six months.

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