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Increased Number of Domestic Violence Cases With This Lockdown

Before this covid19 pandemic,most couples had been hiding and finding refuge in their employment set-ups.They had focused too much on the financial stability of their families that they had abandoned the very basics in terms of building healthy relationships between them and their children.

With most countries declaring lockdown and social distancing as measures to curb the spread of the virus,couples have been forced into confines within their homes.This has brought tension among them resulting into both major and minor disagreements.They have realised they don't know each other that well.

The National Council of Administration of Justice (NCAJ),has reported an increase in the number of cases of domestic,gender-based and sexual violence, with the major percentage being women.Those in violent relationships have been forced to spend long periods of time with their abusers.

This is a worrying factor considering the recent lay-offs of employees in most companies.Unemployment and loss of income are major risk factors for high levels of domestic violence.The psychological trauma that comes with unemployment leads to one partner taking out their anger and frustrations on the other with children also being casualties.

A recent study shows that at least one-quarter of all women who have lived in a marital or marital-like relationship, have experienced domestic violence. R.E. Dobash and R.P. Dobash explain that patriarchal practices,male power and controls are major sociological explanations for a rise in domestic violence in our society today.

This issue with the rise in domestic violence cases has been recieved with harsh critisism,from both the media and International organisations worldwide.The United Nations Secretary General,Antònio Guterres,urged all goverments to put women's safety first as they respond to the pandemic,in his official twitter account.

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