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Roselyn akombe's life in Danger as she wants to reveal Msando's killer collaborators

It is now three years since the death of IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando. However years after is when claims have been seen rising about who might have assasinated him.

The Ex-IEBC commisioner had tweeted before that ”History will not be kind to us. So you have a moral obligation, a mission and a mandate, to speak up, speak out and get in good trouble. You can do it. You must do it. Not just for yourselves but for generations yet unborn.”

Roselyn akombe

And later again tweeted threatening that on 29 July she was going to testify at an indipendent judicial inquest into the murder of her collegue Chris Msando. She later said that she had received an email from former IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba threatening not to expose the assasinators of Chris msando

Akombe accuses ODPP of laxity as they are not willing to arrest Msando's killers.

She later tweeted this shocking message "painful that instead on this day 3 years ago your own colleagues led you to the slaughterhouse like judas ,they sold you for 30 cents .We will find Justice for you no matter how long it takes" she said

However Chebukati IEBC chairman claimed that it is unfair for her to say that three years later yet she was around when the murder took place.He also said that Akombe should help authorities solve the murder case because she seems to know what they don't know.

He also said that if Akombe is unable to give the information herself to the DCI ,the Police will arrange to take the information from her.

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