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Panic Thika After Victim Reveals How Daring Thugs Armed With Daggers Rob People In Broad Daylight

A man has taken to his Facebook account to express his concerns and dissapointments after he has continously witnessed how daring thugs rob people of their belongings in broad daylight without fear of the public.

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According to the reports given by the victim who is at the same time the witness, he says that these specific group of men are always patrolling the areas of Gatitu Route near castle estate. He added that they are always armed with soldier's like sharp Daggers and are always accompanied by motorists who carry them after they have committed this crimes.


The Man who happens to be the victim says that at one point, these criminals tried to rob him after spotting him on the same road, he goes on to add that they Chased him and were it not for the fact that a good Samaritan who was a security guard came to his rescue, they would have robbed him. He went on to add that they threatened this security guard for helping him but all in all he is grateful to the good Samaritan.

Security and Crime

With high cases of insecurity being reported on a daily basis whereby someone somewhere is always being Stabbed in the process of Robbery, we hope that all of us stay vigilant and ready to expose these people regardless of whether they are friends or family members.

Image used for illustrations only illustrations only courtesy of Google search engines.

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