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Mixed Views as 2013 WestGate Terror Suspects at Kamiti Complains of Unbalanced Diet

According to K24 Television's report, 2013 West Gate terror suspects who are currently at Kamiti Maximum Prison are complaining of the bad quality and non-balanced foods that are being served to them. The suspects let by Hussein Mustafa complained that the food they are being provided is beans and sukumawiki (kales) only which is causing ulcers thus affecting their health. They were suggesting the prison to offer them foods with sugar. Another suspect complained that the prison cells are too cold.

Kenyans have been angered over the news about the suspects' complaints about food served in prison having no sugar and the cold conditions of the cells. Just to remind ourselves the 2013 Westgate terror siege left 67 people dead while others injured. Here are some mixed reactions from Kenyans.

Munyoki: "That's misbehavior and he should be punished for such speech. He should be thankful for whatever he gets. He is worthy to be fed only a little once per day to support his life."

Taita: "This criminals are not supposed to eat anything. Instead they should be killed."

Rash: "They should be treated like human beings too. They are still suspects not proven guilty. Let's not be in a hurry to judge others."

Omiti: "Does he know that he killed parents and husbands to some and some were left orphans, others left widows and now they can't afford even porridge?"

Milanya: "Should this be news? This should be handled silently, hawa wapatiwe matawi ya pawpaw bila supu for their rest for their lives in jail."

Kolele: "Anyone who wants to enjoy good food shouldn't engage in criminal activities. Let's he be locked up."

Nyambura: "He has a right you know...the only way is to win his heart through love. Change will be seen only then."

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