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Obado's Corruption Case Exposes how Kenya's Justice System is Handling the Rich and the poor

There is something I quite don't seem to understand about criminal justice. The justice system we have especially in Africa and particularly Kenya tend be tilted towards the rich.

When a rich man is arrested, especially if he has a big name and has stolen big money, the handling is a bit different.

Let's have this example.

Do you remember Mercy Cherono?This was a lady who was suspected to be among others who stole 10,000k and some TV set from an OCS house awhile back.

Now, this is how she was taken to the police station. First she was mersylesslly belated, tied on a motorcycle then dragged to the police station.

Naturally, women always become defenseless before policemen. So Mercy could not even defend herself - being a lady.

The policeman took that advantage and loaded all he could with all fury cupping it all by dragging her on an motorcycle to the police station.

By the end of it all, Mercy was hospitalized and since then nothing has been heard of the issue againHere is my question:

Was she found with the cash?

Has she been taken to court?

Who paid her hospital bills

Where is she today?

Let us look at Obado's scenario:

He presented himself to the police around Migori.The was driven in a convoy to Nairobi. Nobody dared even slap him or push him or pinch him.

And do you know how much it is alleged he has stollen?

73.4 Million.

Yes, you have read correct, 73.4 Million. Yet Mercy Cherono was beaten and dragged by a motorcycle to the police station for allegedly stealing how much?


This is where I need help to understand:

Are they both both Kenyans?

Are they under the same law?

You can have your own answer depending on your social status.

But all that I know, is that one day, we will all stand before heavens justice system. And we will be all judged equally.

With Obado's case on yesterday, the drama has started. The usual script:

Do not plead guilty!

Apply for bail!

Do your case while outside

- Life goes on.

In the next appearance, there will be a battery of Lawyers to defend them.

Then they will apply for bail and be out on bond for the next 10yrs, Right?

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