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The guy that made a video of himself smoking bhang in front of a police station gate is wanted

Michael Kiptoo posted a video of himself smoking bhang in front of Kericho police. He posted the video on his social media account. Below is a screenshot of the post, go check it out on his instagram account.

The police are currently searching for him because that is disrespect of the highest order. Bhang is illegal in Kenya and for someone to smoke in front if a police station gate is not just about to be a small issue. The audacity to take the video is what has shocked many people, the video is very clear and you can see the police station gate. The video was posted without the fear of the authorities and they are now looking for him. The young man has put himself in alot of trouble for this, he is now wanted by the police.

Michael Kiptoo may have to face some serious charges for his behaviour. Lately due to lack of school students have been on the internet alot and may be he was influenced to post the video there. This one, he just went too far. I do not think the police will forget about this, they are out leaders and leaders should be highly respected. The issue will maybe find itself in court and bring about more problems to the family of Michael.

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