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Meet Angela, The Fearless Girl Who Takes Pictures At The Top Of High Buildings

The social media has driven many people crazy especially the young generation. Every Youngster is out there seeking to get many followers on these social medea platform.

We have even heard cases of teenagers and even adults killing themselves for losing a social media account. Recently there was a boy who was allegedly said to have committed suicide after his Instagram account was hacked by an unknown people.

Personally I wonder what is this so precious found on this platforms that would make a person consider death more than their lost.

Meet a 24 year old lady from Russia, whose professional is a Daredevil. A Daredevil is a fearless person who never fears taking a deadly challenge at all. 

The lady is identified as Angela Nikalau who has gained thousands of followers across all social media platforms.

She has been given the title "fearless" As she takes selfies at the tops of very high buildings without caring that she could fall and die. She is not the first one as there are others who died in a bid of trying to do the same thing. See more photos of her.

NOTE: Do not try this at home. Its is only done by professionals.

Would you ever take such a risk even after being offered some money? Personally I don't prefer this kind of job.

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