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Kibera Court Jails Woman For Insulting Her Lover's Wife

A Kibera Law Court has fined a woman Ksh. 50,000 six months in prison for insulting his lover’s wife and daring her to a fight.

Saida Mohamed Amin is said to have visited Kush Apartments in Parklands while drunk and went ahead to insult Salima Mohammed Ismail while drinking alcohol from a glass. She even dared her to a fight but the complainant kept her calm and decided to let the law take its cause.

It is said that Saida told Salima that they were co-wives and that she should deal with it. She went ahead to ask her to fight her if she felt aggrieved while throwing some unprintable insults at her. All this time she remained calm.

While in court, she pleaded for forgiveness saying she was jobless and could not raise the money is the court slapped her with a heavy fine for the offense. She added that she was a single mother of two and jobless and she wanted the court to pardon her promising not to repeat the same offense. History made as judge delivers 17 rulings in two hours - People Daily

She also promised to stay away from Salima and her family if forgiven and allowed to go back home to his family by the court.

After listening to her pleadings, senior resident magistrate Charles Mwaniki of the Kibera Law Courts slapped her with the fine and six months in prison saying it would serve as a lesson in future. She was given 14 days to appeal the sentence if she feels justice was not served to her.

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