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Netizens Hail the Judiciary After Waluke's Ruling

Sirisia Member of Parliament John Waluke and Wakhungu have been sentenced to seven years in prison or pay a fine of Ksh.594 million each for defrauding the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) Ksh.313 million this evening.

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In 2004, Waluke and his counterpart,Wakhungu, through the company, were meant to supply 40,000 metric tonnes of maize to NCPB in but ended up pocketing Ksh.313 million and failed to supply not even a single bag of maize.

Netizens have taken to social media in praise of the judiciary after delivering its judgement on the Sirisia Constituency member if Parliament, Hon. Waluke. The following are some of the reactions;

"Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah! Justice has finally prevailed in Kenya. What a transformation in the characteristics of the Judicial system. I still can't believe this! What! Has this happened in Kenya? Waaàaaw! A politician to be sentenced to jail by Kenya court. I think that judge deserve a recognition." - Nelson Okuku

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"That's a great precedence by the honorable court. Please could it be extended to all those who have committed economic crimes and corruption. Let all the other cases which were silently thrown under the carpet be revived. Feeling so patriotic and optimistic than never before #JSC #DCI_Kenya." - Benjamin Wakhisi

"Congrats judge juma at long last we have seen a light ,let the senators bring the culprit to face the law to this Court, l hop the chairman had seen this ,the way taxpayers are happy." - Fadhili Karema

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"At the court of appeal let the judges affirm the ruling or double the amount to be paid from 594k to 1 billion this will be great and attach all his properties and that of his children as well as attaching all his terminal dues to recover the loot." - Julius Deker

"Swafi sanaaa! Infact if it is done in the same manner as to those who earlier participated in fraud or corruption, then we shall be 4 times reacher and smarter than the current situation we are in!!! Cudos to the judge who ruled out the case!" - Ramsnelt Boyo

"Justice in equal measures has been stamped today.What he stole to starve deserving Kenyans has been recovered in 40 days za mwizi.It's sad for Waluke today but this will send a strong message to potential thieves another day." - John Ngugi

"If the same fate is meted on all other corrupt fellows, then the vice will be completely eradicated in this country.I am happy with the judgement." - James Mbogo

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"Fine is double stolen money.BEAUTIFUL SENTENCING I have never seen Kenya.Politicians used to steal 100m and given 2m fine meaning they remain with 98 m. Kula kwa Bill yangu judge." - Philimon Mutai

"This judge should be appointed as the CJ with immediate effect.After this we going for the big fish.We are coming for you Nani." - Odoyo Patrick

"Our courts finally showing their unflinching strength, let those corrupt dullards ululate in agony. Example set." - Nicholus Otis Otieno

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