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"Are Women Safe?" Bolt Driver on the Spot for Allegedly Threatening to Rape a Client

Bolt driver named Shadrack

A taxify and or bolt driver known as Shadrack has been put on the spot today after allegedly mishandling his client. The client insists that she was mistreated terribly by a bolt driver when she requested him to stop using his phone while driving her.

Screenshots of lady's conversation with Edgar Obare about Bolt Driver

She says that she was headed on a long journey from point A to point B and asked her driver to be careful on the road and not use his phone. Apparently, he declined and even decided to stop and transact some money for his girlfriend, while this client's ride was on. Remember, for every minute that passes one is charged.

Screenshots of lady's conversation with Edgar Obare about Bolt Driver

The lady says that eventually he started threatening that he would break her other leg as she has one broken one already. He allegedly also claimed that he would drive her to a forest nearby, rape her and leave her there. The lady says that she really freaked out after she insisted more than once to be allowed to alight but the driver refused.

Later on when she was safe, she claims that she allegedly tried to reach out to Bolt and report the matter but they just claimed that they were not responsible for what happened to their clients. This even shocked the lady more. The driver allegedly drives a KCU 084W Silver Honda.

This revelation made even more women open up on what they had gone through in the hands of Bolt drivers. Another one claimed that one time her driver started wiping prints off his car after threatening to do something terrible to her. He only allegedly freaked out after this lady started making calls to anyone she could think of.

The shocking revelations made many wonder about the safety of women and where this world was headed to. Hopefully, Bolt will take action against such people, if found guilty.

Anonymous lady explains her encounter to Edgar Obare

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