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Meet The Most Intelligent Criminal In History Who Broke Out Of Jail 7 Times

The world have had so many criminals and here, I'm going to tell you of the most intelligent of all the criminals. Leave alone the story of Michael Scoffield in the Prison Break, this is a true story.

His name is Mark DeFriest. He is a genius whose father crafted while still young. Compared to him, Michael Scoffield of Prison Break is nothing to him. He is the most intelligent jail breaker in the history. He was first jailed at the age of 19 years for 4 years. He became too impatient with that and tried to break out and this earned him 105 more years in prison! He escaped 13 times and succeeded in 7 of them making it out to the world of free men. He was jailed at heavily guarded Florida prison in the US where he never saw the sun.

Here are the four of the many instances this jail breaker tried to excape from prison.

1. Mark jailbreaked for the first time in 1981 and his plan was to make everyone asleep so he sneaked into the pharmacy and stole several powerful anaesthetic pills and mixed them with coffee of which the guards drank. However, someone called the police and he was arrested before he could escape. The pills worked though!

2. The second one, Mark who is a known autistic genius. He made a device to bounce him out of the high walls of the prison. This time he succeeded.

3. The third time, he activated a car's ignition system via a short circuit in one of the prison's cars and drove to a friends place for safety.

4. The most interesting of all is the one when he stared at the key pattern of the guard and copied exactly the same pattern and effortless made it out of prison.

Do you know of any other intelligent criminal?Channel your views below.

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