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Police Brutality on Corona pandemic

Police brutality witnessed everyday has arguably claimed more lives than Covid-19 itself. This is sad.

The curfew orders imposed by the President was a scheme to control the spread of corona virus among the populace but that has been unjustly stage managed by the police to cause death, burglary and perpetuate fear.

Welcome to Kenya where a health crisis is handled as political unrest. Well, isnt this defeating the purpose of the orders? Look, it seems the police are enjoying the show.

On the morning May 8, 2020, the residents of Nyandiwa sub-location, SubaSouth constituency were irked by the unclear circumstances surrounding a fisherman's death. They accused the police as responsible.

The 35 year old Mustafa Ismael, a Tanzanian (commonly known as Mbaba') met his untimely death on Thursday evening at around 7.30 p.m. It is reported; he was being pursued by the police for flouting the curfew orders. 

The media reported that Mbaba drowned following the rising water levels prompted by frequent rains witnessed countrywide 

The autopsy would later reveal that the man had been clobbered to death.

His neighbour William Ochieng described him as a drunkard. According to him, police beat his neighbour to death. Until his death, Mustafa was inebriated, said Mr Ochieng adding that it was impossible for him to make sound judgment, as to escape for safety, when cofronted by the police.

The residents are now blaming the police for disrupting the peace of the locals as they impose the dusk to dawn curfew. A resident said, The unprofessionalism of the police is promulgated by their inborn haughty and egocentric attitude.

Elsewhere, in the same locality, the Bodaboda operators are decrying harassment by police demanding bribes.

Clearly, the government safety measures to control the spread of the virus have remained evasive the police seem not to understand the orders they are imposing.

It is utterly ironical that the police expect the citizens to don protective masks all this time as though they are ambassadors of good motive yet they are on the forefront of accepting bribes and making life hectic for those who cannot consent to the tune of their music. This, in itself, is defeating the motives of the Presidents directive. 

The above are but instances of failed policing efforts that have left Sare residents scarred, angry, disappointed and agitated. They are unimpressed with the police wielding brutality in the name of imposing the curfew. 

It is disheartening to watch these recent events in my area, in a country celebrating over 50 years of independence. I mean, when did the role of the police officers change?

It shows, nonetheless, that one thing is crystal clear: Kenya need a charismatic leadership and not these business tycoons marauding around in the name of regional leaders.

Content created and supplied by: LinusOgutu (via Opera News )

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