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How Kenyan Senators Are Exposing Themselves to COVID-19 at The Senate

The ongoing revenue sharing formula in the senate exposed the senators to COVID-19 after they breached several COVID-19 containment measures.

The revenue sharing debate has elicited emotions and its debate went late into the night on Tuesday evening as senators looked to settle the sharing formula once and for all.

However the manner with which the debate was held exposed the senators to COVID-19 and we will be hoping that none of them has contracted the disease as it could spread to the other senators and by extension their families, friends and the people they will interact with.

First the senators shared microphones. Drops of saliva on the microphone could see he spread of the virus as droplets of saliva is the one of quickest way the virus spreads.Image

The senators were also seated close to each other and in the process failed to observe social distancing. Some senators wore no masks while others had theirs on the chin.

@PhilipOgola Here are some incorrect mask-wearing techniques now at the @Senate_KE Proceedings #KomeshaCorona Cross mark Sharing Microphone, Cross mark No Social Distancing, Cross mark No or Wrong Mask-Wearing.

COVID-19 cases have spiraled in the recent weeks in the country sending the nation into panic. So far the number of confirmed cases in the country have reached 18581. 299 people have succumbed to the deadly disease while 7908 people have fully recovered from the disease that originated from Wuhan China last December.

The first case of the deadly virus was reported in the country in March.

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