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How To Survive On A Low Income Budget

No Money,no hope! Never give up in life as everyone single soul is planned for it's survival by the Creator.

Many people can't imagine how this pandemic (corona virus)has changed their lives during this periods since it's outbreak.Most of them ask themselves why life is so hard?.But they do not remember the truth is that many factors play into our daily decision making and choices in your life.

Below are some simple life tactics can assist in living simple life here and after this pandemic if applied consistently.

1: Understand your expenses_if one can't track his/her money,then you won't know when to stop spending in a given category for example food or shelter.

2: Give up bad habits_totally try to learn and avoid been schooled by this world affairs such as impulse purchase since it's all about emotions.Come up with plan to have control over what goes out.

3: Reduce your debts_always understand,consult on financial management and your debt as it is crucial to one's financial ability.

4:Get additional source of income_this will help you to pay your debts faster and get into stable way of living .

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