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Rashes on Face? News Anchor Reveals What She Went Through After Contracting COVID-19

A celebrated news anchor has left Kenyans in a big shock when she revealed what she went through after contracting the novel coronavirus that is currently ravaging the world.

KBC Channel One news anchor Purity Museo on Monday opened up how the virus terrorized her, sending her friends away and in panic mode.

According to her post on Twitter, the news anchor recalled how the virus started germinating her body.

She said that it all started with severe headache, fever body pain and later lost her smell.

She also began to diarrhoea and even developed body rashes, which particularly affected her face.

Purity has confirmed that getting infected with the virus comes with a lot of stigmas.

She said that she was receiving phone calls from her friends, who were only concerned with their health and status.

They would call her and say "I hope you did not infect me with the virus", without knowing how impactful such a statement would be on her recovery trajectory.

Like that was not enough, the friends are also said to have disappeared from her.

"My symptoms included severe headache, fever, body pains, loss of smell. Two days later, I began to diarrhoea, had back pains and a rash on my face. But stigma! I was called and asked‘ I hope you did not infect me with the virus!’ Friends disappeared," she recalled, eliciting mixed reactions from Kenyans

Kenyans reacting to her story have trolled her friends for not being true to her.

Others lauded the media queen for beating the virus.

See what they said:

@Jimanwa: Those are not true friends.Friends do not who stigmatized each other.Pole lakini but aren't you happy that your are well?

@sarmo254: So sad how people abandon others in their time of need... sometimes problems reveal to us the true colors of "friends" around us.

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