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Machakos: Less Than Ten People Left in Isolation Centers

Machakos stadium isolation center(source.Facebook)

Less than ten people suffering from COVID-19 are in isolation centers in Machakos county.

This is according to Machakos health boss Ancent Kituku who spoke to Opera news.

Kituku said that since the COVID-19 pandemic in March Machakos county recorded 1300 cases.

He said that a big number had recovered from the virus and gone back home.

Only 44 people have died from the virus in the county where 19 died in Machakos and 25 others died outside Machakos.

He observed that the county has been trying it's best to offer services to the residents during this time.

"Since coronavirus struck the country in Machakos county over 1000 people contracted the virus. However, most of them have fully recovered and allowed to go home," said Kituku.

He however warned that despite the low number of people with coronavirus Kenyans should not let their guard down.

He noted that despite the cases dwindling Kenyans should not think they are out of the woods yet.

He urged them to continue observing the precautions given by the ministry of health in a bid to keep the disease at bay.

He gave an example of western countries that stopped taking precautions after coronavirus numbers went down which led to a surge in the infections.

"You shouldn't say there is no corona because the numbers are going down. Let's continue taking precautions until told otherwise," he said.

 The same plea was given by the Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi when she visited Machakos county last week.

She observed that a lot of Kenyans had done back to their normal behaviors and others had even forgotten about wearing masks.

Content created and supplied by: KMulwa (via Opera News )

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