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Kenya Airways Board Exposed

Kenya airways has been facing alot of challenges for a very long time.However,all these challenges can be attributed to its board,which is composed of people who have outlived their usefulness.

Kenya Airways Chief Executive Officer Allan Kilavuka in a letter to Kenyan Pilots Association said the company has received the nod from its board to carry out layoffs after it reviewed its operations.The management of Kenya Airways should be called out.

It is unfortunate that due to the poor management,Kenya Airways is facing a massive talent drain by Qatar Airways which is keen to move its main operations to Rwanda.The board members are milking the airline with their unreasonable salaries.

All foreign airlines recruiting Kenyans are a blessing in disguise.These kenyans end up investing back home,they get better working conditions abroad than what Kenya Airways could ever dream of offering.

The Kenya Airways board members, which consists of twenty members earned over 1billion annually,which is the total wage bill of a company for the 4,500 employees for a whole month.

It is disheartening that Kenya Airways board has approved the firing of over 700 employees and downsizing of staff,networks and assets citing the adverse effects of Covid-19 on its operations.

Remember that the firing of staff at the Kenya Airways reflects the opposite of the National Assembly Transport Committee,chaired by Pokot South MP David Pkosing, who in the previous week said there would be no job losses at the airline

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