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Mutahi Kagwe hints on how Jeff, Papa, PS Macharia and Co. were infected by the deadly corona virus.

Health Cs Mutahi Kagwe.

Health Cs Mutahi Kagwe has been a man in action for months now. With his daily corona virus briefings, Kagwe is arguably one of the very most popular people of the country this year. He has gone viral to the extend that even the little children know the 'corona man' as they usually call him.

All in all Mutahi has been dealing with the pandemic well. He has been smiling with Kenyans when required and has been getting pretty man when things are taken for granted. Of late, Kagwe has gone wild by the always rising numbers of men contracting the corona virus with the latest result indicating that 539 males were infected against only 138 cases from their counterparts.A man testing for the corona virus.

Although reports indicate that many men have always been tested as compared to women, Mutahi Kagwe has now come out to air his opinion on why men are the most affected. The former Nyeri senator said that men are highly ignorant when it comes to the pandemic thus not even observing restrictions of the world health organization through his ministry of health.

In his speech Kagwe did not exclude top popular men meaning that even the likes of Jeff Koinange, the late Charles Bukeko and Ambassador Kamau Macharia among other popular men are his concern. Principal Secretary Kamau Macharia.

Although Kagwe did not mention that all men are being ignorant he urged them to keep calm as every life is important and observe all the restrictions from his Ministry because corona virus is not being fought by muscles.

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