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TSC Sends Secular For Reopening Of Schools To Principals And Headteachers

Its now about six months of schools' closure in the country since the inception of Corona virus in March. The ministry of education and other stakeholders have been in loggerheads about the resumption of schools.

In the recent days, the Education Cabinet Secretary,Prof George Maghoha, has been heard giving unclear statements on possibilities of reopening schools dates which have been causing confusion among parents.

The latest statement by George Maghoha was that schools shall be reopened in November but in phases.

Before then, the Ministry of Education and TSC, had partnered to introduce Community Based Learning Program which was to assist children at home taught under Nyumba Kumi Initiative on values and life skills. The program though was halted after a section of parents moved to court demanding reopening of schools.

Since then,TSC asked it's teachers to stay at home until further communications. Education Cabinet Secretary Prof Maghoha, has been touring schools to assess preparedness and readiness for reopening of schools.

Among the things required for reopening are sufficient clean water, spacious classrooms, sanitizers and many more. The other thing is how the covid 19 curve will behave.

Schools heads also are supposed to undergo covid 19 training before schools reopens. In addition to that,TSC through County Directors,has directed all schools principals and headteachers through a letter demanding them to be present in their institutions and work closely with Board of Management in the establishment of all protocols for the reopening of schools as per the guidelines provided by the ministry of Education Kenya Basic Education Covid 19 Emergency Response Plan.

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