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Governor Dhadho Godhana Opens up About His Brush With COVID 19 Infection

Governor Dhadho Godhana was confirmed positive with the virus in August, he has been fighting the battle all along. He urges everybody to take precautions given since the disease is real and it is not easy to survive.

As he said, during the period, many people who pretended to be his friends and colleagues, were wishing he was succumbed by the disease to death after learning his condition. They had even started plotting on the governatorial seat when he die. They thought he would not get well because of his age but all in all he emerged as a Victor. Though he has not fully recovered he says he is good and still taking medication to regain his strength.

This is ironic, the same people who were wishing he was dead, when they realised he was recovering they joined others to congratulate him.

Sure, you get to know your real friends when you are in trouble.

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Dhadho Godhana Victor


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