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"Teachers Are On Duty Throughout, Unless A Teacher Has Written Leave Of Absence," KNUT Explains

Yesterday's standard newspaper headline on teachers pay sparked alot of social media uproar with most Kenyan teachers Castigating the media house.

The headline refered to teachers as being idle during this pandemic yet they will continue drawing salaries for next six months until schools re-open in January 2021.

However, the school heads and Kenya national union of teachers have come out to explain why the teachers deserve to be paid despite closure of schools.

Speaking to Standard, Kenya secondary Heads Association (kessha) chairman, Mr. Kahi Indimuli, said that teachers are ready to go back to class anytime they are required.

He said that the tutors are at home because of the current situation since they can't be in class due to Coronavirus.

He added that principals, head teachers , deputy head teachers and senior teachers are on duty, just ensuring that everything is alright in schools.

According to KNUT secretary Genera Mr. Wilson Sossion teachers will continue earning salaries since the code regulations put them on duty throughout, unless a teacher has written leave of absence.

Sossion argued that the focus should now be on how the learners resume learning and ensuring that all schools meet the ministry of health laid down protocols on containment of Covid-19 spread.

What does the code of regulations say?

Attendance, Leave and Absence

  • If you must visit the Ministry of Education, do so on the days specified. Do not abuse the concession.
  • Be regular and punctual. Attendance should be faithfully recorded. Teacher should report for duty at least fifteen minutes before the session begins.
  • Note that there are no free periods, but non-teacher periods which ought to be utilized on a contingency basis.
  • The Head has the prerogative of temporarily assigning a member of staff to teach a class in the absence of a teacher timetable to do so, providing that the member of staff is professionally and academically able to so do.
  • Prior approval in writing should be obtained before proceeding on leave. In case of illness or emergency, inform the Head without undue delay.
  • Do not abuse leave concessions.
  • Report you resumption of duty promptly.

From the above it is clear that a teacher has no free periods. Therefore most teachers will continue to draw their salaries since Coronavirus is beyond them.

It is worth noting that it is the children who are at home. Most teachers are on duty as per the regulations.

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