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COVID-19: KMPDU Suspends Planned Doctors' Strike

The Kenya medical doctors union KMPDU has deliberated through a memo to stopped the strike which was planned to start tommorow.

 The doctors now say that they decided to stop the strike for 14 days to stop the dialogue but if their issues remain unresolved upon the lapse of the 14 days, the strike will commence on the 21st of December. 

"The National Advisory Council has resolved to Suspend the Strike for 14 days to allow for dialogue. KMPDU thanks @NAssemblyKE & @Senate_KE for their efforts. The government MUST address the 11 issues in the strike Notice failure to which the strike will commence on 21st December" Read a post by KMPDU on tweeter followed by a photo of the memo. 

For 3 weeks now, the parliamentary health committee and KMPDU have been on the negotiating table to come up with a clear road map to address the issues laid down by the union. The union earlier said that the government has had enough time to adress their issues.

According to the union, close to 763 health workers have been infected with COVID-19, 37 of whom are still in hospitals while 9 others have succumbed to the deadly disease. Among the issues the union wants addressed is lack of adequate PPEs for medics who are at the forefront in the war against COVID-19 as well as providing them with medical insurance.

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