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Here Are The Top 5 Profitable Businesses Kenyan Youths Overlook

The number of College and University graduates who have been forced to turn to menial jobs due to lack of employment opportunities after completing their studies has been increasing with each passing day amid expectations from their respective families to now fend for them after their studies.

The world of innovation is however proving to be a game-changer for most youths who are unable to immediately secure jobs with most graduates now reliant on technology which they access via their respective gadgets to bag the odd coin.

The opportunities that are opening up in the digital space are offering the youths a chance with Tech giants now taking advantage and are hiring young people in their endeavor to make the best out of them.

Here are the top five most profitable businesses that the Kenyan youths overlook and can easily make a kill out of them.

1. Handling Social Media Accounts

Majority of the youths spend time on social media which could easily see them manage accounts for personalities or even political figures and depending on a given task, one can make earn from Ksh 1500 per post in an hour.

2. Hotel Booking

A handler can help people looking for hotels for vacations or holiday trips as their duty would simply entail looking at the various tours and travel sites and then booking the best for a customer. One easily pockets the ten percent for every booking made.

3. YouTube

The Kenyan youths could easily earn by posting videos and the one that attracts the most views allows a content creator to be paid handsomely. A person can start earning by attracting a watching time of 4,000 hours and at least 1000 subscribers.

4. Online Tutoring

For a fee between Ksh 500 to 1000, one can offer online tuition to people interested in mastering either English or Swahili languages.

5. Event Organizing

Most companies are using people to organize events such as corporate meetings or team-building activities for them. A graduate with tech skills can easily set up video conferencing such as zoom meetings for companies at a fee.

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