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Three Main Challenges of Unemployment

Unemployment has become common among youths some of which are university graduates. This is sad but true. Being employed is everyone's dream life while being unemployed is a nightmare that nobody wants to experience no matter their age.

Being unemployed means surviving on earth with everyone else with no idea if things will get better tomorrow. Here are some of the challenges that unemployed individuals face:

1. Coping with the economy.

Talking about unemployment I mean not being employed at all, both in the private sector or public sector. With the growing economy, there is nothing like rich people or poor people getting to buy things at a lower price because they don't have enough; everyone is faced with the harsh economy equally whether poor or rich. It is hard for the unemployed because they have to find a way to generate income for them to cope and survive with the rest. This is so hard especially when there are no jobs.

2. Diverted thoughts.

When someone is unemployed their thoughts are likely to divert in the wrong direction and make them do the unexpected. For instance, an unemployed individual is likely to be caught in a theft gang trying to make an income. Also, the thought of being unable to bring something to the table could make one decide to abuse drugs and do the unexpected. Thought diversions could also make one drown in depression which could lead to self-harm.

3. No respect from those around you.

This could sound odd but it is true and has been confirmed that when you are unemployed, your family, friends, or those around you do not see you the same way. Some will see you as a burden to them because they know you need upkeep and someone will need to spend their own money. This kind of treatment from those who know you just because you are not employed could lead to low self-esteem and in some cases self-isolation.

People who stay unemployed for longer periods end up being lonely and misunderstood for their actions. Helping them out by finding spare jobs no matter how small for them could be of great help.

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