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Seven Things to Change About Your CV Before Your Next Job Application

Many people have gotten rejections or have never succeeded at getting any job because of how they have organized their Curriculum Vitaes that makes it very unattractive to the prospective employer.

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When applying for any job, if you're asked to submit your CV, then you need to ensure that you have gone over it and smoothened any parts that might have been making it not to give you that job.

Most employers are prone to just going over your CV and deciding if you're the person for the job or not despite how low or highly qualified you are.

So, here are seven important things to change about your CV:

Start on a High

Starting strong on your CV and highlighting those areas that you are most good at especially your accomplishments is very important.


You should ensure that you lay bare your results rather than focusing so much on your key responsibilities in your previous work.

This gives the employer a sense of the kind of person that they can expect to be working for them if they hire you.

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Customize that CV of yours to suite the exact job that you have been searching or applying for.

Don't be so general as to be unsure of what you are looking for in the job market.


Ensure that you highlight the changes and the growths that you have had throughout the years in your previous jobs.


You should demonstrate that you are always well connected around your area of work as this gives the prospective employer trust that you are a trustworthy person.


Show that you have a lot of insight into the area that you are applying for the job which is really important.

Power Words

Ensure that you use power words that make the CV more precise and relevant rather than general and ambiguous.

If you go over your CV and make these changes, then this means that that prospective job you've been applying for, you might be in line to get it.

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All the best in your new job application using these changes.

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