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2 Amazing Professions In Kenya That Will Guarantee You A Job More Faster

Nobody wishes to spend his or her money on education only to become jobless after many years of study. According to research it has been noted that in Kenya, their many people who have masters in various professions but are jobless until, this is because many of them chose careers that are not in demand in the country at the moment. How do you if your career is on high demand while you are in high school the answer is simple, you need to attend a career guidance with your teacher. Here is a list of some hot cake careers in Kenya.

1. Teaching.

Teaching is one of the profession that will never be out of the market, every day is a new day to learn new things. In Kenya we are blessed to have a government that values education, this is the main reason why teaching will never lose market. How do you become a teacher? If you want to take teaching as a profession then you can apply for in teachers training college or at the University.

The rate at which the population of children joining schools is increasing yearly in our country Kenya, this is because of parents deciding to have many children. This simply explains how safe the teaching profession is.

2. Medical professional.

Medicine will never go out of the market as long as the clock ticks, in fact in Kenya there is a high demand for doctors because the rate at which people needs medical attention is alarming, how do one becomes a doctor? Become a qualified medical doctor in Kenya is not easy at all you will have to apply for the chance at the University, or be called upon by the government to pursue such a career. But you will not lack a job once you are free with your studies.

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