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How to be an Employer from being an Employee

Being employed is one of the best ways to earn a living and clear those bills. However,we have to admit that not everyone wants to be employed throughout their career life.So how does one shift from being an employee to being an employer? Here are some tips if you desire to start your business and become an employer.

Start saving

Just like any other business,yours will need capital to start and eastablish.It is not advisable to acquire a loan to start up a business.You can save up a percenrage of your salary for a couple of months to reach your targeted capital.

Discover yourself.

Find out your passion and what drives you. Get into a business you will love .Every business has its challenges, if you don't love what you do, you will give up so fast.

Identify a need in society

After discovering your passion, identify a need that can met through a business.Take your time to do research on what is mostly needec by thise around you.

Study the industry

Study the industry you want to get into begore making that step.This will help you prepare for the challenges,estimated capital,requirements expected in tgat particilar industry.

Identify a role model or mentor in the industry

Study and learn from those already in your industry of interest.You can do so by their social media posts,books they have published or attending classes and seminars by your mentor.

Write a proposal.

You are not serious about it until you write it down, make it plain. This will enable you to think the business through.

Test the waters.

Find a few clients/customers and meet their needs. Get feedback from them in order to establish if you will continue with your plan.Feedback also gives room for improvement and learning.

Register the business and focus

Get your business registered with the necessary governmental directions.Ensure the required paperwork is done according to the law.

Brand the business.

Make a Logo, a slogan and values for your business.Branding helps you stand out from the rest makong it easy to identify your business.

Identify a suitable location

Identify a location or a way of delivering to your customers/clients.Do a market research to establish the suitability,safety and convenience of tge location in relations to your product.

Market the business.

This can be done by advertising on social media, telling friends and family and Boosting your business Facebook page.

Employ the right people

If your business needs a bigger staff,do your due diligence in vetting and interviewing your employees.Someone who has an understanding of tge product will be of great help.

Quit your job if you employed

If your business is picking up,you can consider quitting your job . The expansion of your business means more dedicated time is needed to it.

Source;Dayan Masinde on facebook.

Content created and supplied by: Aswitoh254 (via Opera News )


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