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Is My Background Preventing Me From Being Successful? See Why This May Be True

As we explore for new ways to succeed, we must remember that our past influences how we approach the present and plan for the future. Many things may influence our decisions on the path to success. Our background is one of the most common roadblocks.

People who want to be successful grow into adults looking back at where they' ve been, what they' ve done, and their past achievements and mistakes to predict how well they' ll perform in the future. The difficulty with this method is that yesterday' s accomplishments and failures have no bearing on tomorrow' s outcome. Our history does play a role, but not as much as some people believe.

If you' ve had a lot of successes in the past, you' ll have the confidence to believe that you' ll win again tomorrow. Consider the Biblical story of David and Goliath in Samuel 1 verse 17. Goliath is the Philistine champion, and when he challenges Israel, they send their hero to fight him, with the winner taking all. Goliath is nearly 9 feet tall, a soldier, and stronger than every man Israel can bring against him, so the experienced men of Israel are terrified.

David is not in the army, and when he goes to see his brothers, he hears the monster threaten them. He hears the king' s offer of a reward to the guy who defeats Goliath and accepted the challenge.

How did he defeat such a powerful opponent? He tells the king of his successes over a lion and a bear who tried to steal his sheep in the past. He believed that if he could conquer a lion and a bear, he would defeat Goliath. Similarly, we can draw confidence from previous successes and know that we can overcome any challenge.

Let me share with you a notion that I feel must exist within you in order for you to succeed, even if you have already achieved success. That concept is how you internalize your life' s successes and disappointments. It' s fantastic to have some outside support telling you how awesome you are and how you can win.

To be genuinely successful, though, you must be the parade' s best cheerleader. You must absorb the notion that you are incredible, invincible, and unbeatable in the field in which you choose to compete. When you have this mindset and attitude, you are prepared to face the giants who will follow your success.

Are you up to the challenge? Yes. Will you go through with it? The authority to say yes lies in you!

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