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TSC CEO Gives Reason Why Kalenjins, Kikuyus Heavily Dominate Certain Cadres of Management

The National Assembly Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Cohesion is investigating cases of inequality in job distribution in various government ministries, agencies, and parastatals.

Reports submitted to the committee reveal that only two communities dominate in job distribution of almost all state agencies in Kenya.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, for example, has Kikuyus and Kalenjins as the dominant tribes in job distribution by far.

Not only does this disparity present itself at the management level and in TSC offices but also teacher recruitment.

At the management level, the TSC has 2842 secretariat staff. Out of which, Kikuyus are 512. Kalenjins are 412 followed by Kambas (323). Luhyas are 318 while Luos are 266.

The middle level staff at the agency comprises 1,077 members. Kikuyus are 316, Kalenjins 131 followed by Kambas who are 127. Luhyas and Merus are 103 and 89 respectively.

Teachers Service Commission Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia has given the reason why this is so. While addressing the National Assembly, she pointed out that the high-tier positions are highly competitive, and only individuals with a particular skill set are considered without giving much regard to tribe and affiliation.

TSC in general has 346, 760 teachers. 59,538 are from the Kalenjin community. Kikuyus are 59,010 while Luhyas make up 52,882 of the positions. Luos are 40,657 and Kambas 39,308.

At the management level, 6,159 teachers are from the Kalenjin community. 5,159 are Kikuyus, 5,112 Kambas, Luhyas (4,653), and Luos(4,500).

The 2010 constitution states that no single agency or government institution should have more than one-third of employees from one ethnic group. The article was formed in an effort to encourage cohesion and integration of all Kenyans.

Source: The Daily Nation

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