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Why Kenyans Should Stop Going To Saudi Arabia.

Greetings ladies and Gentlemen today, in my Article we are going to be discussing about the reasons about why kenyan ladies should stop seeking employment in Riyadh in saudi Arabia. first of all I understand that in our country kenya currently there are no Job opportunities. and it is the desire of many kenyans especially our kenyan women to seek employment, in the Gulf countries especially in Saudi Araibia.

Recently we have, had reports in the media, about our Ladies been mistreated while there in Saudi but not only kenyan women work there, we have different Nationalites there too, who work there, and the experience that has been there many girls have been saying that , they had to work many hours a day. may be from 5AM -2AM In the morning, and when it comes to been paid. then it becomes a problem. many have even said that they work, so hard and even many a times the are denied food. and those who are lucky do return to kenya safely but those who are un lucky , wind up dead while Abroad.

So here are , some of the reasons why you should, not seek employment as a woman in saudi Arabia Firstly if you seek employment there, you don t stand a chance of having, freedom while working there reason been In saudi Arabia there is a certain law which, is reffered to as the kafala system, which means that if you are flown from Kenya by the Agent. the contact between you and them ceases at the moment you take off, JKIA. and immediately you Land in Saudi Arabia you become someone, else property. your pasport is taken away from you even while still at the Airport. when you reach the house you are to work in you are not given time to rest considering the Journey, you are immediately given the duty clothes and begin to work.

Secondly another, reason as to why you should not consider Saudi Arabia as your destination for Employment, is that in Saudi women are not, cherished there at all so you as a woman will be required to wear, a long black gown commonly reffered to as the Abaya, while going out to the mall, or also when you go out to the shop. you can imagine the heat of summer with the long gown on You as you walk there.

Last but not Least another, reason that you should, not consider Saudi as a place of employment is that if you are a Christian you cannot practice your faith freely simply because. in saudi the main religion there is Islam any other religion will, not be tolerated. and if found one could be persecuted, or even imprisioned for your faith.

In conclusion, its important to note that there are other places where one can work other than Saudi namely, United Arab Emirates (Dubai,) or even Qatar which have lesser Laws. all in all if a recruitment Agency approches you and lies to you about goodies abroad especially in Riyadh Saudi take note and think again for many who have gone there have regretted their decision for going there Just be patient and God will open the doors Miraculously. if you have found this Article educative please consider, following me and if you have any points or concerns please, note it down in the comment section below.

Content created and supplied by: KevinAlitsi001 (via Opera News )

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