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Weird Jobs In The World That You Can Not Believe Exist

The world has very many different jobs and they all need someone to do them. While others may be cursing the jobs saying how weird they are, there are actually people who depend on them for a living. Below are some of the jobs that many people find to be weird.

1. Legal bank robbing. In this job you are allowed to rob a bank with the consent of the management. This kind of job is used as a tester for bank security to be sure it is good.

2. Armpit sniffing. This is the weirdest of all jobs on earth. Imagine sniffing the armpits of a person all day. This is done in perfume companies to measure the effectiveness of perfumes.

3. Pet food testers. In case you thought that pet food is just processed and packed ready for sell, you are wrong. The food has to be tested to ensure it is tasty before it is sold.

4. Netflix viewer. I guess everyone could want this kind of job. Sitting all day watching shows and then getting paid, how wonderful. These people after watching give reviews about the movie. They say whether it was a hit or not.

5. Line standers. These help you to queue when you don't want to line up in a long queue. After they get near the service area, you pay them and take their place. It is a job.

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