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TRICKS On how to get more FOLLOWERS and comments on OPERA NEWS HUB

Since Opera mini introduced the News Hub section as a way of creating employment for many youths out there, many people have been scratching their heads to find a way of getting more followers, likes, comments and engagement.

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However, no need to search anymore. Here are a few simple tricks to make you amass active followers.

1. Post-High-Quality Content

Everyone loves a good story, well structured grammatical sentences that makes the story flow just like a river. This will make your avid readers want to engage more with your articles hence they will have no choice but to follow you so as not to miss any of your juicy updates.

2. Write on informative content.

One of the reasons why we read news or books is to be informed on the happenings or what happened in a particular time of history that is worth knowing. As you prepare on a topic of discussion, have a draft of the flow of content to have details in the order they occurred. It is also good to plan on the choice of words employed for effective communication.

3. Choose a Viral Topic

One of the key things an opera news creator must have in mind is to always write 'fresh' news. This means that you are supposed to write about what is happening as of today. This gives readers a chance to engage with what is happening somewhere in the world and stay in the loop.

4. Use High-Quality Picture

A high-quality picture means that the picture used for illustrative purposes is crystal clear. This will easily attract the attention of the readers hence, in the end, increasing your followers and engagements.

5. Do Not Copy and Paste.

Some people may want to benefit where they have not worked for. Instead of them creating time to write their original content they will just decide to copy other people's work from other websites and pass it on as their own. However, the Opera team is always on the lookout for such kinds of people and discipline them accordingly. Just write your article to the best of your ability and gang will ensure it goes out by recommending it to the readers.

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Please in case you don't understand, kindly consult both the team or those who have been doing it for a while now, maybe they will give you more simp secrets to employ.

I thank you for reading. Please follow me for juicier updates.

Content created and supplied by: Cheret (via Opera News )

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