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Inferential Statistics of Powerful Degrees in Kenya

There are variety of careers in the country with many more still springing up however, these are still the best careers going by statistics;


Law graduates earn good salaries with numerous bonuses with many career choices varying from being a judge, being a company secretary or just being an advocate in the court; this makes them highly regarded individuals in a society.


Accountants are part of the top hierarchy within an organization and this makes the demand for people with accounting knowledge to be on incredibly high demand with good pay.


Kenya has a shortage of doctors and this serves as a bargaining ground for the few available ones. They enjoy good income with numerous bonuses and an option to do private practice.


Information Technology is fast growing and this makes computer science to be a very rewarding course since it has various applications within the sector.


This is a tough course to study but also has many opportunities and also offers for private practice. Electrical engineering graduate enjoy better pay and get employed faster compared to other engineering courses.

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