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The New Salary Increment That Teachers Are Now Pushing For From TSC

Year in year out, the teachers in the country have been agitating for better remunerations and better working conditions.At times, they have have ended up blaming their employer for putting up restrictions that bar them from some gains.For instance, the teachers today find it hard to be promoted since the inception of the new CPG scheme of service has restricted majority of them.

On salaries, teachers missed out in last year's plans to increase their salaries in July.SRC dashed their hopes after claiming that there was not money to increase their pay.The unions ended up signing a non monetary CBA that saw maternity and paternity leaves increased.This rattled teachers across the country.

Teachers have not yet given up.They are still pushing for more salaries.Yesterday, the teachers joined the employer and unions in celebrating the world teachers day.It has emerged that teachers are in a fresh push to get 60% salary increment from their employer.KNUT SG Collins Oyuu has requested for this to cushion teachers from the tough economic times.

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