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Businesses That Will Earn You Good Amount Of Money In Kenya

You don't have to be employed to get rich, most of millionaires are business owners and they all started from a humble beginnings. Many people who have not secured employment have engaged in business. Here I will discuss some of the few businesses which can earn you Ksh. 1000 daily easily.

1. Car wash

To wash one car it costs three hundred shillings, there fore if you get just five customers a day you already have Ksh 1500 and on weekends you can get upto 20 customers which is about six thousand.

2. Putting up a butchery

You only need to find a location where there are residents, put up a butchery and residents will flock to your butchery to buy meat. People consume meat everyday especially in urban areas.

3. Saloon

Women always visit salonist almost every two weeks because they want their hair look neat and we'll maintained thus opening a saloon that offer quality service will attract more customers.

4. Selling second hand clothes

Selling second hand clothes is the most profitable business because you don't have to rent a shop and you can sell them from anywhere. Most of the clothes are sold double the price because you buy them as a wholesale and at a cheaper price.

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