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Opinion: The Truth About Referral Online Investment Business and Why You Shouldn't Hurry to Join Them

From the beginning of the pandemic,most people lost their jobs and thus online jobs in Kenya came in the rise.

Among these jobs I'm particularly refering to the investment schemes and the affiliate marketing (referals). I know that some of you have been affected negatively and some positively but the truth is that there is nothing like online investment. Nowadays websites have been developed by cons to convince you to put your money into their schemes and that you will earn your profit after a day or two. They even go further as sending you false screen shots of others who have benefited from them and you hurriedly rush to invest and before you know it your money is gone and there is nowhere to go.

First of all, these cons always look for lost ID cards and register for the till numbers and websites. They then form what's app groups and and creatively get as much members as possible to join and make false promises about their business. After convincing unsuspecting citizen's,they now officially"launch" the websites and encourage people to invest. The websites will be active on the first day and the members will be urged to share screen shots of their withdrawal to other members.

Once they have reached their goal and have enough money in their accounts they withdrawal the money and keep watch as the members complain that they have been duped.

Facts about online business

No registration or activation fee is required in online business

Legit online business take time for you to get your money and they do not require you to invest any money

No matter which site it is no legit online site can pay you more than 3%on an investment daily

Keep out for scams and warn your friends and family against them

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