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Employment opportunity for Kenyan youths with little or no experience.

Unemployment rates in Kenya is so high that most people now days no longer value education as it was valued initially. Many youths after school resort to major cities in the hunt for greener pastures. However, when things do not fall in place, they resort into dubious activities as a way of making ends meet to sustain them in the cities.

The government of Kenya however through the ministry of labour and social protection, ministry of ICT, innovation and youth affairs and several other partners is trying to curb this trend. The government came up with Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project that has seen many youths secure employment and grants from the government to fund their income generating ideas. Since the inception of KYEOP, crime rates in the country has gone low, general growth of the economy has been seen as the government is tapping in its own labour market.

NITA is one of the leading partners in support of the project

Currently KYEOP is recruiting fresh blood in the system. Unlike other employers in the country that need vast requirements for instance some good number of years of experience in job market, KYEOP only requires those with education to form four or no education. Recruits are taken through life skills training, core business skills training, training with a formal training provider and apprenticeship with a master craftsman. More than 30000 Kenyan youths have benefitted from the scheme and the project is targeting more. To apply visit the KYEOP website and follow the instructions.

Beneficiary of the project posing with the banner

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