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Searching For Job? Why You Need A Good Portfolio

In simple terms, a portfolio is a means of presenting a collection of personal experiences, achievements, and competencies that qualify one for a particular job. For instance, some of the items that can be presented in the portfolio include educational background, trainings, completed projects, and skills.

Based on this description, it is apparent that a portfolio serves a very important role in personal and professional development in various ways.

1. It offers one the opportunity to showcase the best of his/her works.

2. It provides one the chance to tell his/her career story.

3. It serves as a means of highlighting the challenges one has overcome in his/her professional life.

It is advisable that you keep more than one portfolio, in case you are focusing on different job types. A well organized and comprehensive portfolio can help you get that dream job, position, or project that you have been yearning to achieve.

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