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Reason Why Many People Like To Stay In Town Areas

Nairobi as an urban population by providing places of new experiences and relaxation are provided. Population health management by providing play and exercise areas for communities. Today, 30 percent of Kenyans live in cities. From now on, most of Kenya’s population growth will be urban.

Kenya’s cities are already powering the country’s economy. Nairobi and Mombasa and other cities are home to 10 percent of the population but represent 40 percent of the country’s wage earnings. If cities thrive, the overall economy will benefit. But cities will only become true growth poles if Kenya continues to upgrade infrastructure within and between urban centers. Another reason to way the live in town is because  In cities, there are a lot more jobs available and more opportunities for them to find a job than in the country or village lifestyle. 

Some people have more choice than others when planning where to live. But everyone operates under constraints and there are both push and pull factors that play into the reasons why a person lives in a certain place in towns When deciding in which city to live and work, people rank human factors as the most important. They rate life satisfaction as two times more important than employers realize. This is their number one consideration, followed by safety and security and proximity to family and friends.

Looking at the cities performance against workers expectations reveals that while overall cities are doing well on culture, education, skills development and economic aspects, there are significant tensions across this factors like security, safety and lack of violence; affordable housing; and transportation, traffic and mobility. Another striking observation is that even within a country, life satisfaction varies significantly across cities underscoring the importance of meeting this essential need if growth cities and businesses are to compete for highly skilled workers. This is the best reasons to why majority of people are after towns.

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